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5 Unusual Accidents That Can Still Warrant a Personal Injury Lawsuit

When you think of personal injury and wrongful death claims, you likely think of car accidents. While those personal injury cases are the most common, you can file a claim for virtually any accident.

Our Los Angeles wrongful death law firm has truly seen it all. Even the most minor cases may be worth legal action to receive justice and compensation. We’ve outlined some unusual cases below as evidence that any claim may be worth filing!

Plumbing Malfunctions

In 2007, The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort reached a $1.2 million settlement in a personal injury claim. The injuries were caused by, believe it or not, a faulty toilet. The plaintiff allegedly sustained injuries when the toilet broke from the wall, crashing her to the floor.

Showers and bathtubs are also serious safety hazards for hotels, gyms, and other corporations. In some cases, you may be able to sue an establishment for the lack of precautions such as providing non-slip bath mats. Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers or personal injury attorneys can advise further on the specifics of your case.

Dining Mishaps

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This year, a customer sued Eataly for ankle injuries sustained after slipping on a stray piece of prosciutto. However, that is not the only weird restaurant case! Chick-fil-A, Olive Garden, Panera, and many others have been subjects of personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Restaurants and food manufacturers can be liable for any of the injuries below:

  • Food poisoning
    • Contamination, spoilage, lack of proper cooking temperatures and time
  • Burn injuries
    • i.e. unsafe temperatures of food or drinks
  • Slip and fall
    • i.e. wet or slippery floors, improperly discarded trash

A personal injury lawsuit can help recover compensation for medical bills and other expenses. It can also reward you for the pain and suffering endured. For example, an Olive Garden patron expressed an aversion to eating out after finding a rat in his soup.

In more severe cases, a surviving spouse or family member can file a wrongful death lawsuit against these establishments. A Los Angeles wrongful death attorney can work with you to prove the restaurant’s liability in the death of a loved one.

Out-of-Style Injuries

From shoes to jackets, clothing defects have and will continue to be sources of personal injury lawsuits. In 2016, Gap paid $125,000 to a customer whose child allegedly suffered injuries when the sole of the Gap shoe became unglued, causing the child to fall.

Most recently, a Duke basketball star made the headlines for a knee injury sustained mid-game, seemingly from a ripped Nike sole.

Product manufacturers are responsible for providing reasonably safe and wearable clothes. If these products fail to function properly, the customer has the right to sue.

Note that liability in product manufacturing cases can be intricate. To have a successful case, you must prove the injuries directly correlate to the product malfunction. The opposing party and insurance company will try to argue external factors such as personal misuse of the product. The right Los Angeles personal injury lawyers will guarantee the best chances of a successful settlement.

BAD Hair Days

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Recently there has been a surge in personal injury claims against hair relaxers, which allegedly caused cancers and other illnesses.

Hair salons and other beauty spas can also be the defendant in personal injury claims from injuries such as:

  • Chemical burns from dyes and other products
  • Lacerations from negligent hair cut or shaving
  • Electrical burns from misuse of heated products

Going to a spa or salon should be a relaxing experience. Any injuries sustained at these establishments should be legally pursued. Holding the responsible parties accountable will ensure no future accidents occur.

Reality TV Became Too Real

Reality television is a great escape from reality. However, one viewer found it had an adverse effect. In 2005, a viewer of NBC’s ‘Fear Factor’ filed a claim against the network for an episode that went too far.

After watching contestants digest rats, the plaintiff allegedly became dizzy and lightheaded. Under this condition, he ran into a doorway, creating further injury. According to the lawsuit, the show had gone too far, causing its audience to experience distress.

While unsuccessful, this case brings light to the responsibility of television productions and other media companies. It begs the question of their role in the mental well-being of their viewers, and whether similar cases should be pursued.

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