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Premises Liability

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Did you get injured on someone else’s premises in Los Angeles or Orange County?

Understand Your Rights as a Victim

A property owner has a legal duty to maintain a safe property that is free of hazards. If a customer, patron, or invited guest is injured due to a dangerous condition on a property, then the property owner can be held legally liable. To file a premises liability claim against a property owner for your injuries, contact a member of our team at the Law Office of John J. Perlstein. Our Los Angeles and Orange County personal injury attorney can go over your rights and options for seeking compensation.

Examples of premises liability accidents include:

Slip and fall injuries in grocery stores, shopping malls, etc.

Swimming pool accidents due to defective equipment

Lack of security, resulting in an assault or attack

Playground accidents due to inadequate maintenance

Do I have a valid premises liability claim?

Premises liability laws are complex and proving liability requires solid evidence pointing to property owner negligence and your injuries.

A valid premises liability claim must be able to prove:

  • Duty of care: The defendant must have had a legal responsibility to maintain a safe environment, either as a property owner or someone in charge of managing the property.
  • Breach of that duty: You must show that the defendant failed to uphold his or her responsibility when it comes to preventing hazards or injuries to customers and guests.
  • The breach caused your injury: You must show that the breach in duty is what directly caused your injuries.

Individuals who were not on the property lawfully, such as trespassers, are not eligible to recover damages.

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