Patient at the hospital who suffered from a catastrophic injury

Catastrophic Injuries

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We understand that life will never be the same when you are suffering from a serious injury. You’ll need more assistance for your daily activities and may require ongoing medical treatments to help you cope with your condition.

Let us help you hold the negligent party responsible for causing your injuries. We can file a claim for you and work to ensure that you are justly compensated for expenses now and in the future. Call our Los Angeles and Orange County catastrophic injury attorney at the Law Office of John J. Perlstein to see what we can do to help you.

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Types of catastrophic injuries

A catastrophic injury is one that severely alters the mental and/or physical capacity of the individual. This type of injury will typically affect their ability to engage in everyday activities or to remain gainfully employed.

Examples of catastrophic injuries include:

Traumatic brain injuries

Spinal cord injuries

Serious burns

Permanent disfigurement



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