Two dog playing aggressively

Dog Bites

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Did you get injured from a dog bite in Los Angeles or Orange County?

Dogs of all sizes and breeds have the potential to be dangerous. It does not take much for any type of dog to do damage to an adult or child. When this happens, the physical, financial, and emotional costs are often extensive. Take action and file a claim with the help of our Los Angeles and Orange County premises liability attorney at the Law Office of John J. Perlstein. We can personally guide you through your claim from start to finish.

What can dog bite injuries cause?

Serious infections

Muscle, nerve, bone damage

Permanent scarring or disfigurement


Dog bite liability in California

In California, dog owners are liable for damages caused by their dog if their dog bit the victim and if the victim was lawfully on the premises. California has a strict liability dog bite statute, which means that the owner cannot evade liability by claiming he or she was not aware of the dog’s aggression or that the dog had no prior history of aggression. If a dog injures an individual by a bite, then the dog owner is responsible.

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As a dog bite victim, you may be facing high medical bills, lost wages, and even psychological trauma after a dog bite attack. We understand the unique challenges in dog bite injury claims and what it takes to help you recover the maximum damages.

Contact our Los Angeles and Orange County dog bite injury lawyer as soon as possible so we can review your incident and get to work investigating your accident. We can look into possible sources of compensation and even identify insurance policy coverage options that may not be apparent to you.

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