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Activision Blizzard Lawsuit News

Activision Employee Suicide

A wrongful death lawsuit against Activision, a leading video game publishing company, filed by the parents of an employee who worked there and committed suicide during a company retreat has been dropped.

According to the March 2022 complaint, evidence began to surface after Kerri Moynihan’s suicide that she was “subjected to brutal workplace sexual harassment at Activision,” and that the harassment “was a substantial factor in causing her death by suicide while at the Activision retreat.”

The complaint references a previous lawsuit (filed against Activision Blizzard) that includes mentioning of an anonymous female employee who had committed suicide due to “a sexual relationship she had been having with her male supervisor.” According to a different employee, the now-deceased employee suffered from “other sexual harassment at work prior to her death.” Plaintiffs now believe the deceased employee mentioned in this lawsuit to be Moynihan.

The state of California recognizes that in some cases, people can be found liable for the suicide of another person. Family members of victims who have committed suicide due to the actions of others deserve justice, but unfortunately, these cases require a significant amount of proof. For this reason, it is in the Plaintiff’s best interest to consult with an attorney with an exceptional track record in winning wrongful death lawsuits.

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