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Alaska Airlines Sued for Emotional Distress by Boeing 737 Max 9 Passengers

On January 5, 2024, a Boeing 737 Max 9 plane’s door plug collapsed after the plane departed from the Portland International Airport. Citing emotional distress and physical injuries, seven passengers on this flight are now suing Alaska Airlines, Boeing, and the door plug manufacturer for their negligence. This is one of the many personal injury lawsuits involving airplane injuries that have been filed in recent months.

Cuong Tran, a passenger on the flight, was sitting directly behind the door plug. When the incident occurred, Tran’s shoes and socks were allegedly torn from his feet and his legs were pulled through the opening of the plane. Fortunately, Tran had been wearing his seatbelt, preventing him from being sucked out of the plane.

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Airlines have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their passengers. In recent years, airlines and airplane manufacturing companies have been neglecting important passenger safety concerns. If you are a victim of a physical or emotional injury sustained from an aviation accident, or a loved one of an airline fatality, you deserve compensation. Our Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys and personal injury lawyers are here to support airline passengers in receiving justice.

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