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Best Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles: When You Need Someone On Your Side


Sustaining an injury from car accidents or motor vehicle accidents can be overwhelming and lonely. Personal injury victims, even those suffering from minor injuries, may feel mentally and physically drained, making it difficult for them to continue with life as they know it.

If you or a loved one were injury victims due to someone else’s negligence, you surely want justice. And just like anything else in life, you want the best on your team.

The best personal injury attorneys understand the difficult adjustment ahead and are dedicated to joining your support system.

While any lawyer can tell you the nuances of California law, the ones you want on your side are those who are passionate on a more personal level.

With its large population, Los Angeles has a slew of adequate personal injury lawyers at your disposal but only a few go above and beyond.

If you find yourself in a personal injury accident, hiring the best personal injury lawyers is the way to go but you may want to consider what makes them the right fit for you. Beyond their personal injury portfolio, you may want to consider different aspects of their services that make them stand out, as well as if their personality at large aligns with your case.

The best personal injury lawyers may vary in the eyes of each individual. By understanding what type of law firm best suits your needs, you will not only have a better chance of receiving higher compensation but will also have a less stressful process.

Your lawyer should be someone you trust and enjoy working with.

Injured victims should not settle for anything but the best representation.

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

Whether you got in a car accident, fell victim to a medical malpractice mistake, or sustained a workplace injury, you are probably in shock. Most personal injury cases are the first one an individual has experienced, meaning they have no idea who to contact first.

The first step in any matter is to seek medical treatment. Even if your injury seems minor at first, it is still worth seeking medical consultation. Having an official medical record will protect you in the event that your injury worsens over time.

Once you have an understanding of your injuries, you can begin to research Los Angeles law offices specializing in personal injury and wrongful death.

In the digital age, Google is a great resource for finding the right injury attorney to take on your case. You may want to look at local firms near you to find a lawyer knowledgeable in the nuances of Los Angeles law.

Because of all the information you have at your fingertips, you may want to consider a few key non-negotiables for yourself including price, disposition, and overall compatibility. The best Los Angeles attorneys will ideally meet and exceed your expectations.

Google lawyers in Los Angeles

Is Los Angeles good for lawyers?

Los Angeles, CA, is one of the largest and most well-known cities on the West Coast which is why it is no surprise that many of their industries are flourishing, including law offices. That being said there are many attorneys specializing in personal injury in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

What makes a personal injury attorney practicing in Los Angeles great is their diverse array of personal injury claims. Those in more rural areas may not have dealt with the same degree of personal injuries due to the smaller population and lack of larger entities present.

For example, most attorneys have dealt with a car accident claim but those in smaller towns may not have dealt with a wrongful death suit against a global corporation due to the lack of geographic scope.

In all cases, is important to thoroughly research a Los Angeles law firm before agreeing to work with them to make sure their experience and credentials are on par with your personal injury case. Some things to pay attention to are:

  • Legal Accolades
    • For example, the “Super Lawyers” award is based upon peer reviews and research and granted to only the top 5% of attorneys which shows their impressive standing in the legal field of personal injury. Other similar legal awards and honors may also highlight the individual attorney or firm’s successes.
  • Online reviews/personal references
    • Hearing from another personal injury victim can be reassuring as they have been in your position. It is always a good idea to ask around for referrals but when that is not possible, online reviews may give you similar intel.
  • Results
    • Some cases may be public knowledge depending on the individuals or corporations involved. Examining a past personal injury lawsuit may help you gauge a better understanding of how the lawyer operates. If you are unable to easily access the attorney’s case studies, it may be something you can discuss during your consultation. Many firms will provide an overview of their success in handling cases similar to your own to give you evidence of why you should hire them.
  • Years of experience
    • While a recent law school graduate can be a great attorney, many Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have become stronger over their years of experience. With time, they have likely handled more cases and witnessed a diverse range of matters in some capacity which they can draw upon when handling the opposing insurance company and law firm.
  • Public image
    • Sometimes digital presence is a telltale sign of a law firm’s credibility. Be sure to check the news to see if the lawyers are publishing articles or speaking to the press. If they are trusted as an expert sources, they likely are reputable. Also, see if the firm’s website and social profiles are up to date with any relevant blog posts or general news. The best attorneys are typically at the forefront of recent news and trends in the world of PI in Los Angeles, CA.

Additionally, you should ask yourself:

What Types of Cases Does a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles Handle?

It is crucial to understand not every PI attorney has experience in every type of case. Since the legal field includes everything from car accidents to medical malpractice cases, there are some firms that may choose to specialize in specific types of cases. Likewise, some may specialize in plaintiff representation while others may focus on the defense side.

Meanwhile, some firms truly do it all.

The perfect Los Angeles firm for you will have attorneys well-versed in accidents similar to your own, allowing them to successfully navigate your claim.

Now that you’ve done some background research, it should be clear who the best personal injury attorneys are when compared to other firms in Los Angeles and the surrounding California regions.

But there is still more to consider when choosing who the best lawyers are, such as whether their price is reasonable and in line with their services.

Paying for an attorney

Are the Best PI attorneys in Los Angeles Affordable?

If you are considering hiring an attorney for your PI case, the price may be a major differentiator. While lawyers with a higher success rate may be more costly in some scenarios, you want the price to reflect the attention given to your case.

For some victims, hiring a lawyer may be a major financial burden but the best Los Angeles attorneys will work with you to negotiate a deal reflective of your financial situation. The best lawyers are not just in it for a paycheck but wholeheartedly want you to succeed.

Financial transparency is critical and should be disclosed to you no matter the circumstances.

How much do accident lawyers charge in California?

Injury lawyers’ rates vary depending on their law office and the type of personal injury case. Each personal injury lawyer is subject to their own fees which may vary across the city of Los Angeles.

The type of personal injuries caused may also weigh into the price, depending on the extent of services needed and the anticipated settlement. More serious injuries may require a higher caliber of work which would result in a higher rate.

Personal injury cases also vary in price depending on their categorization including:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • pedestrian accidents
  • premise liability cases
  • traumatic brain injuries
  • car accidents
  • medical malpractice

In some cases, a personal injury lawyer may also represent the loved ones of victims of wrongful death accidents, which requires a different level of skills.

Personal injury lawyers may practice hourly or on a percentage basis. The benefit of hourly rates for Los Angeles clients is the fixed understanding of their financial obligation, even though this payment method may be more costly in the long run.

Meanwhile, a percentage or contingency model provides victims with less financial obligation as they are not expected to pay fees upfront. A personal injury lawyer using this model will simply take a fraction of your settlement. This is beneficial because clients are able to receive a free consultation and legal services without breaking the bank.

The best personal injury lawyers are transparent about their prices and reasonable.

What percentage do personal injury lawyers take in California?

In the Los Angeles or Southern California area, personal injury claims significantly impact the percentage of legal fees your personal injury lawyer will take out. Typically, an accident lawyer will take a contingency fee of around 1/3 of the personal injury settlement.

Though having the best lawyer would mean you still walk away with a lot of money!

Is No Win No fee worth it?

Some personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee to allow their clients to receive maximum compensation without having to worry about a surplus of charges for all legal services accrued.

At the Law Offices of John J. Perlstein, we practice Los Angeles personal injury on a contingency fee, meaning you do not need to pay unless you win.

This also allows us to take free consultation calls without any obligation on either party’s end because we want to find the best fit for each individual’s personal injury case.

If you or a loved one are accident victims, you already have enough financial worries from unpaid medical bills and lost wages. Hiring a personal injury lawyer practicing on a “No Win, No Fee” basis will allow you to save money and worry about one less thing.

One major thing to note is your personal injury lawyer is more likely to provide aggressive legal representation if their payment is dependent on their win!

Often, the best personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles practice on contingency because they are more concerned about their clients and bringing justice than they are about receiving petty surcharges.

Will I get more settlement money with a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury cases are not an exact science as a lot of factors determine the financial compensation you receive. Minor injuries may be sufficient to settle on your own such as a bruise or scrape, while more severe injuries would most likely benefit from the representation of a personal injury attorney.

Generally speaking, a personal injury settlement can be larger when you work with a Los Angeles attorney due to their higher degree of knowledge in injury cases. Like any professional, their experience gained from law school yields a greater performance rate, meaning more money for you!

When compared to their peers, the best personal injury lawyers will ensure you have the best chance at receiving maximum compensation because they have the most aggressive and well-rounded strategy.

Once you speak to a PI lawyer you will be able to tell how their demeanor will work in your favor.

Personal Injury Lawyer

What are the best traits for PI attorneys to have?

On a more personal level, personal injury accidents are typically a sensitive situation. When researching and speaking with different attorneys you may notice the best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles have similar traits that make them stand out amongst their peers. Here are a few traits to keep your eyes out for, and how to determine if an individual meets these expectations.

  • Great listener
    • Do they seem open to hearing your opinion? Are they asking questions to further understand what you are saying? Do their responses reference what you have already told them?
  • Empathetic
    • Do you feel comfortable around them? Have they acknowledged your feelings and concerns?
  • Focused
    • Are they able to be reached regularly and respond within a timely fashion? Do they seem to want to rush your case? Are they currently overwhelmed with work?
  • Professional
    • Are they transparent and honest about their opinions and actions? Do they offer evidence to back their decisions?
  • Educated
    • Beyond law school, have they taken the time to educate themselves on the ever-changing Los Angeles laws and regulations? Are they exceeding the minimum educational hours required? Do they regularly attend conferences and presentations?
  • Passionate
    • Do they seem excited about your case? Are they outlining a strategy and thinking a few steps ahead?

Law school can you teach you the basics but some attorneys have a special knack for personal injury law which translates to success.

Los Angeles Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney- FAQ

Los Angeles personal injury cases are stressful enough as it is, which is why you’ll want a lawyer that makes your job easier. Working with an attorney for the first time can be overwhelming if you do not know what to expect.

You may wonder what normal protocol in a PI case is and whether your attorney is meeting the standards. Below are some reasonable concerns to have when choosing the best personal injury lawyers. If your lawyer is not meeting these expectations, they may not be the ones to hire.

As mentioned earlier, you should aim for a lawyer that is communicative and personable in all capacities. They should keep you in the loop and strive to reach your desired outcome.

Above all, you should feel heard and respected.

Personal Injury Trial

Why do lawyers drag out cases? Do the best lawyers settle or go to trial?

It is important to understand personal injury cases are a process. From the time of the accident to the granting of financial compensation, you can expect a few weeks to pass.

However, in some cases, it may be in your best interest to extend the process. Even the most efficient personal injury lawyers may choose to drag the trial out in order to gain more evidence. The best attorney will do anything in their power to win, even if it means a few additional days of trial.

Some personal injury attorneys may decide your specific case is not worth the lengthy trial timeline or may have the general preference of settling their personal injury cases. Settling outside of the courtroom may be a quicker alternative but can result in a smaller compensation.

There is no right or wrong approach to handling personal injury proceedings, but it is advisable to read up on your attorney to understand their approach. The right personal injury law firm is one that aligns with your needs and puts your best interest first.

That being said, the best lawyers are not afraid to take a fierce approach in defending you. One of the many reasons clients trust our firm is because we have successfully taken more cases to trial than any of our peers.

How often should your lawyer update you?

As you know, your personal injury attorney is typically very busy so it is not uncommon to go a few days without hearing from them. However, communication is an integral part of any client-attorney relationship.

This is one of the many reasons why you should choose an attorney who goes beyond their job description. You deserve to be heard and cared for in your most vulnerable moments.

You should feel comfortable reaching out to your attorney with any questions or concerns and should be contacted within a reasonable time frame. Updates on your case should be relayed to you when they surface.

A great Los Angeles personal injury lawyer is one who truly cares about you beyond your case file. They will do all they can to make sure you are informed throughout the process, comfortable with all decisions made, and ultimately, looked after.

Do better lawyers win more often?

The best personal injury lawyers typically have a great track record of wins. However, this does not mean they have a 100% success rate.

Many lawyers only take on cases they think they can win, but the legal system is unpredictable. When choosing a personal injury attorney, understand that while a higher quantity of wins is great there are more aspects to consider such as the quality of those wins.

Compensation for court case

Is a personal injury lawyer in LA worth it?

After hearing what makes a Los Angeles personal injury attorney the best in their field, you may still be debating whether it is worth it to hire one for your needs. In summary, yes!

There are many reasons why the best PI lawyer is worth the price tag.

Medical Referrals

Let’s say you were walking along a crosswalk when a vehicle struck you, causing injuries to the leg. Until now you have not suffered any abnormal medical issues and only regularly see a general practitioner.

This new injury will certainly require care from a specialized orthopedist and possibly an orthopedic surgeon. Depending on your geographic location and insurance plan, finding the right doctor may be one more stressor to deal with.

By working with a lawyer, you can receive referrals to some of the best medical professionals. Since PI lawyers regularly deal with medical needs, they are well acquainted with the best medical specialists in the Los Angeles area.

Another advantage is they can use these connections to outsource expert testimonies for your case. In the example above, an orthopedic surgeon may be able to provide an expert opinion on pedestrian accidents at your trial based on their past experience with these matters. This will give your case an even stronger argument.

In general, an attorney’s relationship with relevant medical professionals will be an added bonus to your legal case and, most importantly your health.

Experience in Los Angeles Law

Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney is a great investment and ensures a more successful settlement. Because they are law school certified and specifically trained to practice law in Los Angeles, your trial lawyers will understand the best strategies under California law to receive financial compensation from the negligent party and their insurance company.

The major advantage to hiring an attorney as opposed to handling the case yourself is their refined attention to legal details.

Since most victims have not attended law school, their knowledge is limited which could place their case at a disadvantage.

Additional Resources

Hiring attorneys also means you will have access to the personal injury law firms’ team and resources. The best personal injury lawyers typically practice with peers who are also well-versed in injury cases, meaning they can consult others for guidance.

In some cases, your personal injury lawsuit may also be impacted by other areas of the law. For example, maybe you are going through a divorce amidst a personal injury settlement, making it unclear what your ex-spouse will gain. In cases of medical malpractice, healthcare law may be a large factor impacting your case. Likewise, what happens if the Defendant is claiming bankruptcy?

Personal injury firms tend to have contacts with other law offices allowing them to easily consult relevant attorneys for your case.

Law firms also have the in-house resources to deal with the operations of your case from Los Angeles databases to physical filings. This allows the firm to conduct more efficient and thorough research that an individual may have trouble obtaining on their own.

Lower Medical Bills

Often injury victims may face problems from their own medical providers and healthcare insurance companies. Medical liens are quite common in these incidents and are essentially your providers’ way of receiving a portion of your compensation for the medical treatment you received.

An experienced attorney will be able to work with you to discuss the best way to handle the payment of these bills while you await your compensation from the opposing party.

Attorneys also frequently negotiate with your providers to decrease the amount you owe, which would result in fewer financial concerns.

Patient resting after accident

Reduced Stress

Another advantage to hiring a personal injury lawyer is the reduced stress for you. Victims, especially those with a serious injury or mental pain, may not be in the best shape to tackle the trial themselves. Filing a personal injury suit is time and energy-consuming. The personal injury claim may entail the following:

  • Gathering sufficient evidence
    • police reports, witness statements, evidence including photographs or video footage
  • Communicating with the insurance company
  • Sending demand letters
  • All aspects of the trial
    • complaints, interrogations, prosecution, appeals, and more

Even cases that settle before a trial can be overwhelming to handle by yourself. Letting a law firm do the work for you may save you additional stress.


You might also consider the objectivity a Los Angeles lawyer will bring to your personal injury lawsuit. As the victim or loved one of a victim, you are likely experiencing all kinds of emotions from anger to sadness, to fear, and everything in between. An experienced personal injury lawyer has the backbone to weigh all sides of the argument. Their actions will be unbiased and more logical, which is important in the eyes of the law.

Lawyers will also be better equipped to handle multi-vehicle car accidents where you may have also played a role in another’s injuries. It is hard to defend yourself in cases where you are partially at fault which is why an objective representative is ideal.

Protection from Insurance Companies

Further, personal injury attorneys are a fierce force to be reckoned with. The opposing side’s insurance company will likely try to undermine your medical bills and other expenses to avoid their payout. Your personal injury claim will be scrutinized immensely which is not always easy to handle. Any individual handling their own case is at risk of being manipulated by the opposing side who will likely take advantage of their inexperience.

Often those handling a personal injury claim themselves do not fully understand additional compensations they might be entitled to beyond medical expenses including:

  • lost wages
  • emotional distress and mental health concerns resulting from the accident
  • care beyond the initial treatment (including home care and equipment)

On the other hand, a personal injury lawyer works frequently with insurance companies and other prosecutors and knows how to effectively work with them to recover the full extent of compensation.

As mentioned before, a personal injury claim can be very complex, especially in motor vehicle accident or premise liability cases where multiple parties can be at fault (in some cases, even the victim). It is worth at least consulting a personal injury attorney for advice on how to proceed.

A Second Opinion

Even the most well-read-up victims do not know it all. A major benefit to working with the best personal injury attorneys is having a voice of reason.

Sometimes there are multiple resolutions that may seem like a good idea. The best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can advise you on which path best compensates you for the pain and suffering you endured.

When it comes down to it, the best Los Angeles attorneys have your best interest at heart.

Calling a personal injury lawyer

Moving Forward With the Best Personal Injury Lawyers

No one expects a car accident or other personal injury accident to happen to them but unfortunately, these incidents are unpredictable. When it feels like the world is against you, you want the best personal injury lawyers on your side.

Many personal injury cases do not result in the outcome the victim truly deserves.

Personal injury lawsuits are complex and require a detail-oriented, fierce, dedicated, and compassionate representative who fully understands the ins and outs of personal injury claims in Los Angeles, CA. The best personal injury lawyer is exactly that.

While you cannot change the past, you can do everything in your power to better your future. Working with a well-respected personal injury attorney will help you sail through what may feel like life’s biggest obstacle.

John J. Perlstein: Personal Injury Firm- Los Angeles, CA

At the Law Offices of John J. Perlstein, our personal injury lawyers will ensure the negligent party is held responsible for your pain and suffering.

From medical malpractice to car accidents to wrongful death cases, our team of Southern California injury lawyers will advocate for a successful settlement. As a top-tier Los Angeles personal injury law firm, our civil litigation and trial lawyers have immense experience from law school and the courtroom which is evident in their results.

Why Choose JJP Law to Handle Your Los Angeles Injury Case?

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of the many reasons our peers and clients rank us as a leading personal injury firm in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Over 25 years of successful representation
  • Higher track record of taking cases to trial as compared to any of our peers
  • Significant wins including a $10 million wrongful death suit and $750,000 in an auto accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury
  • Ranked by Super Lawyer for the Los Angeles, CA region in personal injury law for five consecutive years
  • Trusted by Forbes and other leading publications as a go-to-source for major personal injury lawsuits (Halyna Hutchins Wrongful Death)

For two decades we have been regularly commended by clients and competitors for going above and beyond in everything we do.

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