Choosing the right paralysis lawyer is essential

Choosing a Paralysis Lawyer: Top 3 Tips

Hospital bills, loss of income, and required modifications to homes and lifestyles can make paralysis financially overwhelming. If you suffer paralysis due to an accident or catastrophic injury that was not your fault, selecting the right paralysis lawyer to help recover compensation from the responsible party is essential.

Many personal injury attorneys handle spinal cord injuries and paralysis, so it could be challenging to find the attorney who will recover the most in damages for you. Fortunately, many personal injury lawyers offer free consultations, providing an excellent opportunity to share your story and struggles, and review your options. When researching the top paralysis attorneys and scheduling consultations, keep the following considerations in mind:

1. Experience With Paralysis Cases

With any personal injury case, it is best to select a lawyer who has experience with similar cases. This is especially true with paralysis cases, as they can be difficult and complex to handle, and only experienced counsel will be able to maximize your outcome.

During a free consultation, ask the prospective lawyer how many paralysis cases they have handled and how recently they have handled one. Furthermore, since some personal injury attorneys do not like going to court and prefer settlements (even if a settlement is not in the client’s best interest), ask the lawyer how often he or she takes paralysis, including spinal cord injury, cases to trial. You should hire a lawyer who has a high success rate in the courtroom, is experienced taking depositions, and knows how to ramp up to trial.

An experienced and knowledgeable paralysis attorney in Los Angeles and Orange County can help you obtain awards for:

  •  Medical bills
  • Modifications needing to be made for homes and lifestyles
  • Loss of wages
  • Pain and suffering

2. Track Record

When discussing paralysis cases a contingency fee lawyer has handled, make sure to ask about prior success with paralysis cases or spinal cord injuries. Some attorneys have sections on their website with information about their settlements and verdicts. If this information is not readily available, then you are welcome to ask prior to or during your consultation. You may also ask for testimonials from previous clients. If a lawyer is hesitant to give you this type of information, consider it a sign to move on.

3. Dedication to Your Case

Any leading attorney understands that the period immediately after an individual faces paralysis may be one of the most difficult times in that person’s life. Individuals facing paralysis due to the actions of others deserve justice, and the attorneys they choose have a responsibility to do everything in their power to achieve the best results.

Unfortunately, some lawyers juggle too many cases at once and can’t dedicate the required time to finding the right medical experts or appropriately ramping up a spinal cord injury case for trial. When speaking with a potential lawyer, ask them if they have the time and resources required to handle the case. Since many senior lawyers choose to delegate cases to less experienced attorneys, it is also in your best interest to ask if other firm attorneys will have a hand in your case, what their role(s) will be, and what their experience is.

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