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Disneyland Lawsuit Filed Over Customer’s Wrongful Death

A Disneyland lawsuit has been filed by the family of Joanne Aguilar for her wrongful death.

In August of 2021, Joanne fell getting off the Jungle Cruise ride. While the establishment offered a wheelchair-accessible boat to Joanne, she declined to ride in another, with the assistance of her children. According to the filing, the employees laughed at Joanne instead of aiding her after seeing her visibly struggle to get off the ride. As a result, Joanne fell back on the steps, fracturing her femur. After a long battle over the injury, she died of septic shock related to the fall in January 2022.

Earlier this month, the wrongful death case was assigned to a federal judge. Her family will be seeking a monetary judgment for the medical and funeral expenses, as well as for the physical pain, mental suffering, and humiliation endured.

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Unfortunately, negligence can turn what is supposed to be a positive memory into a negatively life-altering experience. If your loved one was wrongfully taken from you due to another’s negligence you may have the right to pursue legal action.

Our firm understands the unspeakable grief you are enduring and will fight relentlessly on your behalf so you can receive the justice you deserve. Hiring a contingency lawyer (Los Angeles and the surrounding areas), also means you don’t need to worry about payment unless you win. We want to do everything in our power to make this difficult time a little easier for you.

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