Murdaugh wrongful death

Murdaugh Fraudulent Wrongful Death Settlement

On May 25, 2023, a longtime friend of Alex Murdaugh, Cory Fleming, confessed to helping him engage in a fraudulent wrongful death settlement. In a 2018 accident, the Murdaugh’s maid Gloria Satterfield was found severely injured at the bottom of the steps in their residency. She later died at the hospital.

The Murdaughs filed an insurance claim for the trip and fall accident, alleging it occurred when Satterfield tripped over their four dogs. It was later found that Murdaugh had lied about the dogs’ role in order to secure a larger insurance payout for the wrongful death settlement.

The Murdaughs convinced Satterfield’s sons to hire Fleming as their lawyer, who assisted them in filing a claim to collect from Maurdaugh’s homeowner’s insurance policy. Fleming and Murdaugh collected nearly $4.3 million in this wrongful death settlement; funds should have been sent to Satterfield’s estate.

Fleming was found guilty of “conspiracy to commit wire fraud.”

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