Thanksgiving Day Car Crashes Leave 3 Dead in LA

On November 23, Thanksgiving day, three people were struck and killed by drivers who were either under the influence or speeding. The LAPD said this accident marked the ninth fatal accident of the week and with an eight-year-old child in the hospital, it could rise to ten.

“In 28 years, this is the worst Thanksgiving I’ve ever seen,” Detective Ryan Moreno of the LAPD South Traffic Division said in response to all three accidents.

The first crash involved a suspected drunk driver going over one hundred miles per hour early in the morning who hit a car with three women, killing a young mother.

The second also involved a suspected drunk driver who ran into 26-year-old Alma Letecia Aragon and her 8-year-old daughter. The mother died and the child remains braindead.

The final crash was later in the night and involved a speeding driver under the influence of cannabis. He hit and killed a homeless man.

“All of these cases range from manslaughter, to possibly murder, actually it is going to be murder in a couple of them,” Moreno explained.

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