Thanksgiving accidents

4 Common Thanksgiving Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Thanksgiving, like most holidays, is all about enjoying good company and a few drinks with friends and family. But, you know how it goes — there are always a couple of family members who overindulge, taking things a bit too far. This article would be unnecessary if everyone had the power to take away those family members’ keys before hitting the road intoxicated. In reality, however, that’s not always the case, especially during the holiday season

According to the National Safety Council, “Nationwide, alcohol-impaired fatalities in 2020 represented 30% of the total traffic fatalities. During the Thanksgiving Day period, 36% of fatalities involved an alcohol-impaired driver.”

That said, car accidents are not the only type of Thanksgiving accident that commonly occur. Kitchen fires and subsequent cooking-related burns, food poisoning, and slip-and-falls are, unfortunately, also typical on a holiday weekend.

It is crucial to take precautionary steps to avoid injuries and accidents this holiday season. Here is what you need to know about common Thanksgiving accidents, how to avoid them, and who to contact if you need a wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles or a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. 

Prioritize Safety to Avoid Common Thanksgiving Accidents

Thanksgiving accidents

Whether the cause is external distractions, the added stress of hosting the entire family, or alcohol impairment, Thanksgiving accidents are common. Los Angeles personal injury law firms can help you pursue the following Thanksgiving-related personal injury claims:

  • Car accidents: Alcohol-impaired drivers are bound to hit the road on a holiday weekend. Stay alert, avoid distractions, and wear seatbelts. Studies show seat belts, when used properly, are 45% effective in preventing deaths among front-seat passenger car occupants.
  • Fire-related injuries: Cooking-related fires are a common Thanksgiving hazard, often due to oil or grease igniting. Be careful with sharp knives, wear cooking mitts to avoid burns, keep young children out of the kitchen, and never leave the stove unattended.
  • Food poisoning: Whether you are eating at home or in a restaurant, make sure to refrigerate leftovers within two hours. Relatedly, cook the turkey properly to avoid raw consumption and food borne illness. 
  • Slip and falls. Spills, clutter, and wet floors in the kitchen can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. Keep the kitchen tidy, use rugs or non-slip mats, and quickly clean up any spills.

While you can be cautious, accidents are still bound to occur. In those cases, it is best to consult an experienced personal injury or wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles.

What To Do If You Are a Victim of a Thanksgiving Car Accident

Thanksgiving car accidents

If you are involved in a car accident on Thanksgiving day, be sure to prioritize your safety by calling 911 or seeking medical assistance. Then, contact law enforcement to report the accident and document the details, including the driver’s name, contact information, driver’s license details, and insurance information. Take photos and videos at the scene, including car damage and relevant road conditions. 

Do not admit fault to anyone at the accident scene. Notify your insurance company, and document your injuries, medical treatment, and other pieces of evidence. Then, consult an experienced Los Angeles wrongful death attorney or personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims

Even with the proper safety precautions, Thanksgiving accidents are common, whether in the kitchen or on the road. If you are involved in a Thanksgiving accident of any kind, it is best to contact a legal representative at Los Angeles personal injury law firms or Los Angeles wrongful death law firms.

Los Angeles personal injury law firms will work directly with insurance companies to identify the best compensation for your injuries. In cases of wrongful death, surviving loved ones may receive financial support to recover funeral expenses, loss of income, and loss of companionship.

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