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Fairs and Festivals: Who is Liable for My Personal Injury Case?

As we enter the summer season, outdoor events are entering their prime. While this time of year is joyous, for some it can quickly become the opposite. Festivals, fairs, and other outdoor events have the potential to result in personal injury accidents. These events are especially prone to accidents, given their rapid set-up and dismantling.

Hearing your favorite artist perform or riding a ferris wheel should be an enjoyable experience, not a negatively life-altering experience. If you are the victim of a personal injury accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles.

Examples of Personal Injury Accidents

Personal injury accidents can occur from a variety of acts of negligence, including but not limited to:

  • Lack of emergency exits
  • Over-capacity and overcrowding
  • Lack of trained security
  • Poor lighting
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Lack of proper emergency procedures
  • Malfunction of rides

Types of Injuries

Unfortunately, outdoor events can result in a variety of minor to serious injuries. Whether the injury is a minor scrape or an amputation, it is still worth consulting a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. All injuries are worth legally pursuing. This helps hold responsible parties accountable and prevents future occurrences.

Brain injuries

Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries can result from malfunctioning rides or other forces such as a crowd surge. In some cases, fallen objects and other premise liability issues can also be contributing factors.
The head is a very sensitive body part, and damage to it can be detrimental to one’s quality of life. As so, victims should receive appropriate compensation for the pain and subsequent consequences endured.

Broken bones and cuts

Unnecessary sharp or stuck objects can result in cuts, and in some cases, may result in stitches. Forceful hits from ride ejections or trampling can also cause broken bones. These occurrences are extremely painful and may prevent individuals from working or participating in other daily activities.
Even minor injuries can be worth legal action. Talk to a Los Angeles injury attorney today to discuss your injuries and case.


While not as common, amputation can easily result from trauma endured at an outdoor event. Losing a limb can occur from a cut on an unsanitary surface that turns into an infection. It can also occur from malfunctioning rides. In either case, a victim has the right to sue.

Losing a limb is not only physically challenging, but emotionally damaging, as well, as the victim comes to terms with their new quality of life. This is an indescribable grief that no individual should have to experience. Our team of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles will work relentlessly to recover compensation commensurate to the suffering endured. While nothing can turn back time, we hope financial stability can help alleviate stressors.

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Liable Parties

It is important to work with a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who can help determine the respective parties to name in your claim. Each case will vary, but an experienced legal professional will know how to properly conduct an investigation to determine fault.

In many cases, the organizer of the event can be liable. Typically, event organizers take on the duty of care when deciding to host. This means they may have a designated and legally enforceable duty to meet safety and security regulations. Often, event organizers are the city, state, or even outside corporations.

Premise owners can also be liable depending on the circumstances. For example, imagine a church hosts a public festival. There are fallen branches on its property that injure an attendee. In this case, the individual can sue the church. As a premise owner, the church is responsible for clearing its property of any foreseeable hazards.

Security companies are another common Defendant in personal injury and wrongful death claims. They are responsible for:

  • governing crowd surges
  • overseeing evacuation
  • monitoring the property
  • acting quickly and according to protocol in the event of an emergency
  • alerting local authorities when needed
  • and related safety concerns

For rides, the regulating body will be liable for any accidents that occur. In California, The Amusement Ride and Tramway Unit is responsible for “inspecting and issuing permits to operate temporary amusement rides.” If they fail to thoroughly inspect a malfunctioning roller coaster, then they will be liable for the injuries sustained on it. Similarly, a manufacturer can also be liable for its role in providing a knowingly unsafe ride. And in some cases, individuals can also be named in personal injury claims. For example, if a ride operator fails to buckle a child’s seat belt, they may be negligent.

As you can see, liability is a complex process. This is why self-representation is not advisable.

File a Claim Today

If you were injured at a festival or fair you should contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney immediately.
Under California law, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years after the accident occurs. Failure to act quickly can throw away your case.

How a Los Angeles Injury Attorney Can Help

A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help with all assets of the case from filing the claim to trial. They will also help with the insurance company to determine the best settlement.

Because personal injury cases are complex, it is best to work with an experienced law firm. But that is not always feasible with outrageous rates from larger firms. Financial concerns should not be an obstacle to pursuing justice. This is why we accept cases on a contingency basis so you can work with the best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles free of charge.

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Outdoor gatherings should be something to look forward to. This is why it is of the utmost importance to hold the responsible parties accountable for any damages.

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