South LA train and car collision

Fatal Train and Car Collision in South LA

On February 20, 2023, a Metro A Blue line train struck a passing car on E 24th Street. Two of the car passengers were killed instantly, while the other three were rushed to local hospitals for treatment. The local fire department evacuated the 125 Metro passengers, but no injuries were reported.

At this time, the details surrounding the fatal crash are still under investigation. Those involved in the accident should seek representation from a Los Angeles injury lawyer immediately, even if injuries seem minor.

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Motor vehicle accidents can be traumatizing, especially in extreme cases like these. Victims of this accident should speak to a Los Angeles car accident lawyer to ensure the public transportation system is held accountable for their injuries and the loss of their loved ones.

Metro passengers should seek medical attention as a precaution in case an undetected injury was sustained. Experienced Los Angeles injury attorneys can advise you on your legal rights in filing a personal injury claim.

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